Safe and Efficient Mill Relining is Our Core Business!

Kaltech services all types of mills–SAG Mills, AG Mills, Crushers, Ball Mills, Rod Mills, Roaster Mills…

The Best In Global Mill Relining–We Get It Done

At Kaltech we embrace our position as the global reline specialists. Our teams represent untold man-hours of experience in the proper and efficient relining of mills.

After thousands of mill relining jobs successfully completed (and fully documented) we have a complete grasp on what is needed to get your job DONE RIGHT and DONE ON TIME.

We have seen it all and arrived with full preparation and fore-knowledge of your reline job.

Additionally we are experts in related skill sets, such as team co-ordination, communication, safety and structured time management.

When every minute counts, we are there to get your mill back on line and producing.

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Reline Consultation

After thousands of reline jobs in every corner of the world, and on every type of mill one could envision, it is safe to say that we really know our jobs. In addition, we carefully document every job that we are on.

This means that not only do we understand the right way to do things; we also have seen the wrong way to do things.

So, as a result, we are often called upon to provide reline consultation to a mine that does not use our reline service and that is struggling with some non-optimum reline related issue that is significantly contributing to a reduction in their mill availability.

Each site and job has its own nuances requiring custom consultation, so please contact us for further information.

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