Why Kaltech? Check Out These Top Five Problems that We Solve

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High Mill Reline Times

Affect Mill Availability Percentages

Kaltech Can Help

Over the years, Kaltech has maintained a methodically documented approach to mill relining. Information gathered from each job allows us to better obtain world class reline times.

Armed with this information, Kaltech strives to reduce this minutes-per-component move rate in a safe manner by tracking the time to remove and replace every component in a mill.

The results are tracked and analyzed to generate improved procedural methodologies, which are then put forward to the job site, allowing our workers to further shave seconds of this rate.

Costly and Unplanned Downtime

Recurring Liner and Bolt Breakage

Kaltech Can Help

Kaltech has performed literally thousands of mill relines across the globe. We have worked on, and documented the procedure, on probably every type of mill you could throw at us.

All of this experience has been methodically documented to develop our exhaustive set of Kaltech procedures on actions such as: mill surface preparation, the handling of liners, and tightening procedures with rated impact and torque wrenches.

These meticulously established set of procedures are all there to help avoid and reduce, or in most cases to completely solve, breakage issues.

High Rate of Safety Incidents

Mill Relines Are Critical and Dangerous Tasks

Kaltech Can Help

Kaltech goes beyond general safety guidelines and procedures.

We have developed complete Task Specific Safe Work Procedure Training. Kaltech has also implemented and followed Job Safety Analysis and Tracking to ensure that all sources of risk can be eliminated or minimized.

Kaltech’s safety record is at the top of the industry.

In fact, recently both the Rio Tinto Kennecott Copper Mining and the Utah Workers Compensation Fund have officially recognized our safety record. They have both awarded Kaltech with the highest honors with regard to worker safety.

Problems in the Removal of Old Liners

Liner Design Created Issues

Kaltech Can Help

Kaltech works proactively to put its vast experience with global mill relining into real world results. We work extensively with mill liner suppliers to improve liner design. These design changes have not only made liners easier to remove and install but also contribute to maximizing liner life.

A great example is our work at Kennecott. Their smelter regrind mills has seen relines times reduced by 30% and liner life increased by over 25%.

And, all of this was done with a corresponding 10,000lb reduction in total liner weight. This reduction in weight gives greater available mill volume and decreased power consumption per ton of ore processed.

Problems Safely and Efficiently Removing Stubborn Liners

The Current Team Is Lacking in Skills or Tooling

Kaltech Can Help

On average a Kaltech reline crew will have a combined experience level of over 2000 relines.

This experience is spread over numerous different and varying types of mills. Kaltech documents develops a dedicated reline tool list for every mill it services. All contingencies are planned for and these lists ensure that every tool that may be needed is on site.

Development of Kaltech’s job specific tool sets has resulted in robust equipment that One; stands up to the rigors of mill conditions and Two; has been specialized to deal with any situation that may be encountered in a specific mill.

Bottom line: We have the knowledge, experience and task-specific tools to get your mill reline done right and done ON TIME!