Save time–Use the Kaltech Sentinel Camera Unit to look inside your mill without removing the feed chute!

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then how much is it worth to be able to see inside your SAG or AG mill at anytime without having to remove the feed chute?

The Kaltech Sentinel Camera Unit gives you eyes inside the mill 24/7.

This enables you to look inside the mill more often, and yet reduce the amount of time the mill is down while you perform this visual inspection task. Just imagine–the mill goes down at 2am for 30 minutes, the Kaltech Sentinel system awakens and the camera sweeps the inside of the mill, capturing the images you need for later review.

You know the problem.

It is critical from time to time to look and see what is going on inside a mill in order to remain on top of operations and maintenance planning. But taking a mill offline for hours just to have a look inside significantly impacts production, and this can result in a decision not to look inside the mill “just this once”, and that can be disastrous.

A Kaltech Sentinel Camera Unit that is custom designed and engineered to provide the ability to automatically look into the mill at anytime, without removing the feed chute, enables the operation to accomplish many more mill inspections than would normally be planned for.