Todd Hayes
Todd HayesCOO
As Kaltech Canada’s Chief Operating Officer, Todd is responsible for the day-to-day tasks necessary to achieve the company’s vision of safe and efficient relines.

As such, Todd plays a key role in business development, operations strategy and policies, and works to achieve operational excellence through strong team building and family culture.

Todd brings invaluable international reline experience, having had the opportunity to work on all manner of mills across the globe.

Mark Fraser
Mark FraserChief of Operations
Mark Fraser’s role with Kaltech Canada is to continue building client relationships and business development within Canada and on the global stage.
Mark brings over 25 years of experience to the role with exceptional leadership and an outstanding record of operational improvements.

Mark continues to play a key role in developing Kaltech’s methodology and its focus upon teamwork across the globe.

Neil Gavel
Neil GavelDirector of Production
Neil has been with Kaltech since the development of the Canadian Division in 2010. As the Director of Production, he oversees the quality of relines, mentoring of employees and training.
Working closely with mines around the world to create the most, safe, efficient relines possible.
Neil’s vast experience in mill relining and the ability to deal with challenges on the job have made him a valuable member of the team.
Crystal Henderson
Crystal Henderson Administrative Manager
Crystal brings a wealth of administration knowledge to our Canadian team. She holds over ten years of management experience, a degree in Business Administration Management and is certified as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner. As Administration Manager, Crystal is responsible for overseeing all tasks delegated to the administrative divisions of communications, dissemination and finance for both of the Canadian Offices.