Kaltech–The Company to Call for Mill Reline Services Globally

Bottom line, a mill reline is an unavoidable process and it is often the critical path or driving force behind most mill or plant shutdowns. While the cost of relining a mill is a factor, the lost of production is by far the greater value.

Considering that the value of the production of a large grinding mill per hour typically falls between $50K and $250K USD it does not take much to realize that when a mill is shutdown it can cost in the order of millions in terms of lost production. While these losses are unavoidable and anticipated, minimizing the duration of the shutdown is always paramount.

The relining of mills requires working in a confined space potentially with suspended loads because of cracked liners or broken bolts, and the possibility of exploding mill balls, an uneven and slippery work surface, all of which makes it a dangerous activity, and as such comprehensive job specific safety training, meticulous planning, the right tooling, and an experienced team is critical in getting the job done efficiently and incident free.

For close to two decades, Kaltech has worked on hundreds of mills in dozens of countries, adding up to thousands of safely completed mill relines.

We meticulously document EVERY mill reline so that we have full knowledge going into any new mill reline of what the issues or problems may be.

Add to this our extensive in-house training programs, ongoing Job Hazard Training and the Job Safety Analysis–specific to each mill and done prior to every reline–and you will understand why we get the job done in the most efficient manner possible.

At the end of the day, getting your mill back on line safely and quickly with all work done to the highest of standards is what Kaltech is renown for, Safe and Efficient Mill Relines.


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