Hiring Kaltech IS NOT just hiring a reline crew–
Hiring Kaltech IS the total reline solution

Kaltech doors_MG_3486_v3Traditionally it has been the concentrator maintenance personnel that undertook the task of relining a mill. While these men are normally quite competent at the mill relining task, this assignment comes at a cost. This usually means that the other equally important maintenance tasks, that also had to occur during the time of the mill shutdown, are not always satisfactorily completed or are delayed.

Outsourcing specialist reline crews is a superior solution, allowing the release of concentrator maintenance people to focus on other tasks and to optimize mill efficiency.

Recognizing this need, Kaltech took the initiative and assembled a team of top-notch, seasoned individuals who had been relining mills for decades. Kaltech took all of their combined and extensive mill reline knowledge in order to develop in-depth and exhaustive training program that would routinely transform any and all future members of a reline crew into highly competent personnel.

The result is our proprietary training system. It is a very substantive and practical “hands on” training program that is not unlike a comprehensive apprenticeship under a seasoned pro. This training covers all of the theory and information a reliner requires, as well as extended practical application experience under the guidance of an industry professional.

We are proud of this process and its result: A company of very well trained and skilled mill reliners, that can safely and efficiently complete any mill reline task.


The shut down of mills for relining are a necessary part of any mining operation. The accompanying expenses, in both monetary and productivity terms, may be unavoidable but the extent of these losses can certainly be minimized through timeliness and efficiency in the reline process. 

Considering that, as an industry rule, the production value of a large grinding mill per hour is somewhere between $50K and $250K then the time it takes to reline a mill has significant impact on any milling operation.

This brings critical importance to the factors of EFFICIENCY, SPEED, SAFETY and QUALITY. Each and every delay or extension to a shutdown can rapidly add up to a considerable loss of production and thus revenue.

The relining of mills is a must-be-done process and, in most cases, these relines are the driving force or critical path behind a shutdown. Hence, as mill shutdowns are an expected part of any mill production life cycle, the key lies in containing productivity losses through safe, efficient relines.

There is also this factor: while concentrator maintenance personnel may be fully competent and capable of doing a mill reline they cannot be in two places at once. When they are assigned to a mill reline they are taken from somewhere. Far too often other emergency repairs pull them off the mill reline–further extending the downtime–or their other equally important maintenance tasks are deferred or not satisfactorily completed–contributing to production slowdowns or future potential repairs.

Kaltech provides not only teams of mill relining experts but also advanced intelligence gathering tools (the Kaltech Sentinel Camera System and the IBolt) to assist with shutdown prediction and reline scheduling.