The iBung: A Smarter, Safer and More Efficient Plug for Your Mill

The iBung, a smarter bung plug from Kaltech for your milling operation.

Kaltech, smart bolts, intelligent bolt, mine mill technology, sentinel system logoYou know the problems with the standard rubber, plastic or cork plugs or bungs. By design they are inserted from the OUTSIDE of the mill, into the spare bolt holes, in order to seal those holes.

They are difficult and time consuming to both remove and to replace. Their outdated design adds time and hazard to the reline process. And they are often the cause of unnecessary mill downtime–as grinding mills are shut down to replace missing or leaking bungs.

The answer is the new Kaltech inside-fitted bung, or iBung, which eliminates the wasteful inefficiencies created by current bung products commonly found.

The Kaltech iBung is snug fitting and designed to be easily and quickly into the spare bolt hole from the inside of a mill during the reline process. Beautifully efficient, as the liner works to lock them in place and to ensure that the bung cannot work loose and leak.

This advanced design means that the iBung does NOT have to be independently removed during a liner change. The reliners can simply leave the iBung in place–with a strike of a Thunderbolt moil, or other bolt removal removal tool, the iBung in turn hits directly onto the back of the worn liner component.

This not only eliminates the time consuming process of manually prying a standard bung from the spare bolt hole from the outside of the mill BUT as a bonus, this also eliminates any potential hazards associated with the manual removal and replacement of traditional bungs.

Click here to see the results of a recent iBung project at Kennecott Utah Copper