Meet our Bolts with Brains–the iBolt and the eBolt–two of your best friends when it comes to the efficient condition monitoring of your liners

ibolt 05 1200pxUp until now, SAG mill operations have relied on forward looking predictive liner wear calculations based on historical wear to determine the liner wear and replacement schedule. This process is typically supplemented by the regular or occasional shutting down of the mill and pulling the feed chute to visually inspect, laser-scan or otherwise physically inspect the liner wear.

Needless to say, that entire process can be quite time consuming.

Reducing this form of inefficiency goes a long way towards improving and achieving optimum production targets.

Our Intelligent Bolts (iBolt or eBolt) are designed to allow you to monitor the high liner wear areas of your mill and while the mill is still running. The iBolt does this by directly monitoring the liner wear inside a running mill. As wear reaches determined stages, lights are triggered to notify personnel. With the eBolt, when the various wear points per bolt are achieved an email alert is sent to the appropriate people.

  • Increase Mill Efficiency and Production
  • Improve Reline Prediction and Scheduling
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Provide Peace of Mind

Best of all, the iBolt is non-disruptive in that it fully complements and supports current monitoring methods, allowing for more accurate predictive wear and enhanced maintenance planning.