David King
David KingCEO
Dave supervised relines in every corner of the globe. As the Chief Executive Officer of Kaltech Panama, Dave is responsible for business development, operations strategy and policies, reline consultation services and international networking.

Janae Mitchler
Janae MitchlerAdministration Manager
Janae has worked closely with Kaltech since the opening of its Arizona division in 2007. She is now the administration manager of Kaltech Panama.

Her background in healthcare and insurance administration greatly adds to her current role, which involves close coordination with headquarters in various local and overseas administrative areas.

Among her duties are international logistics, invoicing, foreign visas and employment processing.

Jose Carvajal
Jose CarvajalReline Liaison / Human Resources Manager
Jose plays a key role in Kaltech Panama.

His responsibilities include employment processing, reline safety officer, organizing reline crews and on-site translation. Jose is also an expert reline technician.