A Job for Experts

In this article, see full Kaltech Mining Magazine article here, Greg Kingdon of Kaltech International explains why it is so important to engage a professional mill relining company from the time a concentrator is designed

Kaltech, mill relining, mining support companyThe mining industry trend towards using larger grinding mills and a single process line has made of removing and replacing the wear plates from the inside of a grinding mill an increasingly vital maintenance task.

This task, more commonly referred to as mill relining, is traditionally the critical maintenance activity during any major mill shutdown period. To be able to routinely achieve safe and efficient relines, quite a number of things have to be in place, both mechanically and procedurally.

Large strides have been made over the past couple of decades by mill relining equipment manufacturers. In fact, the relining of these larger mills could not occur at all without the support of the specialist equipment that has been concurrently developed to support the task of efficiently relining the larger grinding mills.

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