True, sustainable confidence and professionalism are all built on solid, consistent training.

Kaltech takes training very seriously.

Without a doubt, we know that if an individual is exhaustively trained, including apprenticing and “hands on” work, then high-quality production (with low-frequency mistakes and/or accidents) will become the expected norm.

In short, if you know all about how to do something then a trouble-free and productive workplace occurs.

It starts with our hiring process. For the most part, our new hires are referrals from our proven team members and workforce. However, whether referred or not, all new hires go through an initial process of testing to ensure competency and ability.

Once the decision to hire is made and PRIOR to going through the standard country-appropriate new miner training, every new employee goes through a specialized learning course. This training is literally a “learning” course, as it specifically targets and improves the employee’s ability to both study and to learn–setting them up for success in their specific job training.

With that under their belts, it is now time for a very thorough Mill Reliner training program. Regardless of their previous experience, our job at Kaltech is to ensure that they really know their skill set and that they can perform at the quality standards we have set.

Our Mill Reliner training program is not simply a matter of reading an employee manual–although study of materials, manuals and theory are well covered.

The “Kaltech Training Program” is very much a “hands on” experience, with plenty of practical, real world training. It is not unlike an apprenticeship in that our new hires get the opportunity to learn from the “old pros” and thus acquire a strong dose of seasoned experience before being put into action at one of our many global job sites.

Finally, ALL OF OUR employees also complete (and refresh upon) the “Kaltech Safe Work Procedures” courses, or SWPs, for each task that is involved with relining. SWPs include hands on training for hot work, hand tools, air tools, etc.

The result is a company of highly trained and skilled Mill Reline Technicians that are fully prepared and capable of safely and efficiently completing any mill reline task, in any location around the globe.

Our training is not just limited to job or task specific skills.

Our continuing success depends upon how well we work as teams and in unison with the local operations. This requires strong people skills such as: communication, productivity, efficiency, organizational skills and even personal integrity on the job. Along with job-specific training, Kaltech also puts its employees through these vital team and organization training courses.

To accomplish and maintain such high standards in training it takes more than occasional weekend seminars. In fact it requires a full-time, dedicated training supervisor as well as dedicated full-time training facilities–available to all employees for their continued enhancement.

After all, a true professional knows that learning, practicing and improving ones skills is never a “one-time” affair, but a lifetime commitment. As a company and a group we embrace this and provide the resources to make it happen.