Kaltech, Bringing Intelligent Technology to Mine Milling Operations

Bringing Vitally Useful Technology to the Industry of Milling

Kaltech, smart bolts, intelligent bolt, mine mill technology, sentinel system logoAfter years upon years of successfully executing mill relines, in literally every corner of the globe, we can honestly say that we have mastered the art and execution of the mill reline task.

We were not content to rest upon our laurels, comfortable as they were, but sought to bring greater value and increased productivity to our customers. We know how the fluctuation of ore prices can affect profitability and we understand how critical it is to accurately predict liner wear and schedule the maintenance of your mills.

Yet without an “eye into the mill” or an positive gauge of real time liner wear, the task of accurate prediction can be more of an art than a science. Shutting down a mill and taking it off line for inspection is costly, yet without the ability to see inside a mill or to gather solid information about liner wear, this option is often the only reasonable option.

We took it upon ourselves to find additional solutions to assist the liner wear and shutdown prediction process for the mill relines. We saw that the biggest departure from an ideal state of operations was the lack of accurate real time positive information as to what was occurring inside the mill and in terms of rate-of-wear.

By incorporating the Sentinel Camera Unit along with our Intelligent Bolts, milling operators can now efficiently gather accurate and real-time information on the wear of their mill linings. This information compliments or replaces existing liner condition monitoring methods or processes.

Take a look at the information provided on the Sentinel Camera Unit and the Intelligent Bolts. Follow the buttons below to move to those pages. Click on the Sentinel icon to download a Kaltech Sentinel Product Brochure.

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