Kaltech: Providing Reline Relevant Design Consultation for the New Concentrator

Kaltech International, Mining Services, Mill Relining,Due to our expansive background and experience in mill relining, and related maintenance, Kaltech is often called upon to consult during the engineering and design stage of a new concentrator.

Mechanical problems that can detrimentally affect reline efficiency and thus negatively Impact productively, can be irreversibly designed into a new plant from the very beginning. Involving Kaltech at the early stage of plant design and engineering helps detect those problematic design issues.

Additionally, we can ensure that you will have a reline friendly liner design from the outset. All too often the liners that are supplied with a new mill are not a reline friendly design. Poorly designed liners, from a reline perspective, can add significantly to the mill downtime when it is time to change out the worn liners of that mill.

We can also assist with other reline related issues including such things as: platform design suggestions, fastener selection, bolt hole drill pattern, mono rails or jibs, platform access requirements, reline tooling, lay-down area requirements, and assistance in selecting the right size and quantity of bolt removal tools and liner handler selection and features.

Additionally we offer productivity, organizational and even social acceptance related consulting via the FourD Consulting Group. You can visit them at www.thefourdgroup.com.

Reline Friendly Liner Design and New Liner Installation